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The Studio

How do we describe our studio? Words that come to mind include: pristine, cutting edge, progressive, personal, unique, spa-like, unconventional, exclusive and private. The Xtreme Health & Fitness studio is unlike others and is designed for a new, fresh approach to fitness and improved physical health. Our gym may not be the biggest facility but large size was not our goal in creating a progressive yet personalized studio that was able to target fitness programs and give a personal touch to our clients.

Our fitness studio features the newest state of the art equipment from fitness industry leaders. We have designed our studio to provide you with the best possible workout and that means the best most efficient equipment. Our state of the art facility enables us to provide the best workouts that are not possible through a larger club facility or any home gym.

Free Weights

Weight training is essential to any work out program. Weight training strengthens bones and adds muscle while boosting metabolism. It is not just for body builders but is an important training step for beginners as well.

Most of our clients will use free weights at some point in their workouts. Our studio features thousands of pounds of free weights that include kettle bells, barbells, Olympic plates, dumbbells and weighted bars.

Safety is our primary goal when doing these exercises with our clients. Rest assured that our trainers are safety and injury conscious making sure that you are using the proper weights and doing the exercises correctly to prevent injury. Personalized programs led by experienced instructors will prevent injury leading to stronger, leaner results.

Cardiovascular Exercise

Most have you have heard this over and over again. If you want to lose weight, you can’t forget or skip the cardio! It is a very important component for weight loss and strength training programs.

Our studio offers a range of equipment for fat-burning, conditioning or even simple warm-ups. We have treadmills, recumbent bikes and cross trainers for our clients to use and find that interval training works on all three types of equipment for quick results. We also have flat screen entertainment equipment for our clients that need to catch up on the local news or keep entertained and avoid boredom as your melt away the pounds and get in better shape.

Locker Rooms & Other Amenities

At Xtreme Health & Fitness you will feel like you are in your own private power room. Our personal training studio has a large powder room and changing area appointed with marble, granite and beautiful fixtures. We also offer a private shower and high quality linens.