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“I once weighted 400 pounds. I couldn’t walk around, much less ride a bike. I started training with Mike after some initial weigh loss in October 2003. Mike was very patient and caring about my situation.Initially he started working with me at a pace that would help me start to gain some cardiovascular improvements yet wouldn’t discourage me from coming back. I was very nervous about working out because of my size but Mike always made me feel like an athlete and like I was his most important client.After much work and dedication on both of our parts, I now weigh 138 pounds! I can’t say enough about Mike’s training abilities and his passion for his work and clients.”
Debbie Sweeney-Fosgren


“I started going to Xtreme Health and Fitness about a month ago and go 3 times a week. In April 2014 I had surgery on a torn ACL. Mike has done more work on my knee then the 4 months I was in therapy!  Xtreme is an outstanding establishment and I would highly recommend them to anyone.  Mike focused on getting my leg back to where it needs to be along with focusing on my whole body.  I have already seen results and  couldn’t be happier.  I have come realized that when I went to the gym by myself I was doing everything completely wrong.  He has shown me proper technique and I can feel the difference.  I have done personal training at LA Fitness and Gold’s and NOTHING compares to Xtreme.  You can tell Mike and the staff team truly care about you.  Mike has taught me that it isn’t about just working out it’s a life style change.  With saying that he has altered my meals that I turned in to get me the results I want!”


Jessica Dominiei



“Mike is a very knowledgeable physical trainer and an excellent motivator. I’ve been working out with Mike for just over …a month, 2x a week, and have already lost 16 pounds and have definitely gotten stronger. If you want results, this is your guy.”
Greg Simmons