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Meet Debbie

“I once weighted 400 pounds. I couldn’t walk around, much less ride a bike. I started training with Mike after some initial weigh loss in October 2003. Mike was very patient and caring about my situation.

Initially he started working with me at a pace that would help me start to gain some cardiovascular improvements yet wouldn’t discourage me from coming back. I was very nervous about working out because of my size but Mike always made me feel like an athlete and like I was his most important client.

After much work and dedication on both of our parts, I now weigh 138 pounds! I can’t say enough about Mike’s training abilities and his passion for his work and clients.”

Meet Sydney

“Training with Mike helped me achieve the goals I’d never thought I would reach. Within just a couple months, working 3 days a week, I changed my life around for the better. I learned to stop looking at the scale and focus on what I wanted to look like. Through lifting weights, doing cardio and eating healthier, I became fit. Through personal training, Mike pushed me to my limits and helped me see the change I needed. He has become family to me and has never given up on me.”