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Personal Training

Getting in shape is often associated with boring exercise routines that never seem to end. Xtreme Health & Fitness is here to show you how exercising can be fun and innovative.

Our training focus is on functional and integrated training, working our bodies the way that we use them. This means working large and small muscle groups alike, moving multiple joints through full ranges of motion, and constantly emphasizing stability and body control.

We offer a wide variety of high-quality integrated programs will train your body to be strong and healthy, balanced and stable, and will help you build muscle, burn calories, and rapidly increase your strength and endurance.

Athletic & Endurance Training

Are you already a fitness guru, but you need to mix up your routine? Do you play a competitive sport, but need to “up your game”? Maybe it’s playing a better round of golf, or increasing your stamina on the tennis court. Maybe you need to improve your endurance for swimming or cycling. Maybe you have always wanted to compete in a Triathlon or Marathon but don’t know how to get started or how to effectively train to compete. We can develop the right fitness routine customized to your needs and get you where you want to go. We know how to challenge an experienced exerciser or give a beginner the tools for success.

Senior Health & Fitness Programs

Exercise benefits all ages and studies show that Seniors may reap more benefits than any age group by maintaining a consistent exercise program. Many Seniors are afraid of injuries or just don’t know how to get started on an exercise program. Without the proper advice and guidance you risk doing more harm than good. Our trainers are experienced at developing exercise programs for Seniors and their expertise will make sure that you improve your fitness without injuries. If you have been told by your doctor that you need to start an exercise program, please contact us. Benefits for Seniors include, improving cardiovascular health, building stronger bones, improved quality of sleep and weight loss. If you are a Senior looking to keep in shape or even start an exercise program, we can help.

Training for Body Building and Fitness Competitions

Are you ready to take on the intense training and diet necessary for competing in the Body Building and Fitness Competition arena? We have the special programs and trainers that can help you to prepare for this extreme competition. This competition means more than just exercise, we have the resources to help you with intensive training, diet, posing, choreography, and contest preparation. Even experienced competitors will need a minimum of three months to prepare and train for this type of competition. We can design programs that will work for men’s and women’s competitions.

Teen Training Programs

We take a specific approach to all of our programs and teens are special in their needs. We offer programs that focus on strength training, diet and conditioning. Our programs not only work to improve the physical teen body but also help teens develop positive self-esteem. We strive to educate these young adults on making the right decisions to improve their bodies and give them the tools to live long and healthy lives. Teens are a unique group and it takes time and effort to get to know them and work to gain their trust. Our team of trainers has experience in working with teens and making lasting relationships that lead to healthy lifestyle changes and motivation to keep in awesome physical condition. Please call to set up an individual consultation.

Sports Specific Training

Sport Specific Training is fitness and performance workouts custom designed to enhance athletic performance.  We assess all weakness and imbalances with each client with the goal of increasing strength, speed, power, endurance, flexibility, mobility, and agility. We bring your fitness to new heights and help you achieve the highest level of performance.